Repost app not working - Instagram [UPDATE 19/07 WORKING AGAIN]

Repost app not working - Instagram [UPDATE 19/07 WORKING AGAIN]

(UPDATE 19/07: Upgrade the app from the store)

All the store have finally approved the update. ️❤️

(UPDATE 15/07: No need to update anymore)

Just use the app, Instagram has fixed the issue. I've received so many bad reviews this days, if you love the app, and you understand that the app may suddenly be broken not for my fault, please leave me a positive review in the store. Thank you ❤️

(UPDATE 12/07: Repost functionality temporarily broken due to Instagram changes)

As of today, 12/07/22 there have been another Instagram change, that broke the Repost functionality, We're investigating how to adapt to this change. Do not try to Repost until the issue is solved. We'll do our best, to be back as always.

Check back here, or our Instagram profile @get__repost__app to be updated.

Stay away from apps that requires you to log-in for Reposting, that might harm your account.

(UPDATE 26/05: Situation is slowly getting back to normal)

Today 25 of May 2022, the app is not working properly due to Instagram changes that broke the Repost functionality. We will not require you to log-in (as other apps do) that might harm your account, We will keep doing it the safe way. But it might take 1-2 business days to fix it. So please try again later.

You will not need to update the app.

If you've subscribed in the meanwhile, you'll be able to enjoy the service as soon as it will be back to work as good as always.

Keep an eye on our Instagram account to check app status alert.