How to repost a story on Instagram

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Ever stumbled upon an Instagram post you just had to share with your followers? Whether it’s a stunning photo, a must-see video, or an inspiring story, Repost PRO app is your go-to for reposting content on Instagram effortlessly. Here’s how you can repost on Instagram, share Instagram stories, and more, using Repost app.

How to Repost on Instagram?
Find a post you love, copy its link, and open Repost app. It’s as simple as that. The app lets you repost automatically photos and videos to your Instagram feed while ensuring you give proper credit to the original creator. It's a breeze to keep your feed engaging and diverse without the hassle.

How to Repost an Instagram Story
Wish to share a story you found compelling? Repost app handles that too. Just like reposting a post, you can share stories with your audience in a few taps, keeping the conversation going and sharing what matters to you.

  • Ease of Use: Repost PRO app makes reposting straightforward. No more complicated steps.
  • Credit Where It’s Due: Automatically gives credit to the original creator, keeping your reposts ethical and respectful.
  • Engage Your Followers: Share content that resonates with your audience, keeping your Instagram feed fresh and relevant.

Whether you're looking to share a post, a story, or any piece of content that caught your eye on Instagram, Repost app is the tool for you. It respects privacy and users, ensures creators are credited, and simplifies the process of sharing the content you love with the people who follow you. Dive into and start sharing today!